Paid Search continues to be a vital part of how your most valuable customers search for brands products and services similar to yours. We create campaigns to drive efficiency for our clients while maximising their profit whilst staying ahead of the competition.

Vouch’s Restless Minds take a human-centric approach to paid search, powered by data obsessed and passionate PPC experts who use the best bidding automation tools in the market.

We apply granular creativity through custom performance scripts that are paired with market leading automation technology, allowing us to manage complex accounts at scale.


The PPC landscape has drastically shifted over the past few years, which is why we continue to stay at the cutting edge of search through our close partnerships with leading platforms such as Google, Microsoft Bing, Baidu and Yandex. Alongside from the technical aspects of PPC, we’re always looking into the nuances of how targeted consumers think, behave and make decisions so that we can deliver them the relevant results they need – whilst putting your brand solution at the forefront of their needs and wants.

Maximising your revenue, whilst using big data to inform the cultural nuance of how we communicate empathetically to your customer remains at the heart of everything we do.


Culture remains the first step of every performance channel we operate in, including PPC. This means really understanding who your audience are and how they behave when searching for products or services We are able to create very data centric audience profiles and language nuance pillars that in turn allow us to create customised campaigns, targeted at specific audiences. We  use a mixture of demographic insight reports, your brands first party data and additional third party signals to ensure we are qualifying the most relevant audiences, helping your media spend drive more traffic. 

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You want to be able make meaningful decisions with your reporting  data, and we’re going help you do just that.  Our goal is for our clients’ teams or stakeholders to have access to their own automated and customised dashboard view, so it will always speak directly towards them – giving everyone at every level insight into how things are going at campaign level and all the way through to ad level. Daily and weekly optimisations are key to our output and our heavily data orchestrated reports allow us to have our finger on the pulse of your performance at all times. 

PPC Platform specialists

Our PPC specialists have years of experience managing successful Paid Search campaigns across a range of platforms, industries and countries. 

Blending Data, Creativity and Technology we remain platform agnostic whilst helping your brand achieve increased visibility and success across the right platform(s) for you.