Creating scroll-stopping campaigns for brands is one of our core service at Vouch.

With access to over 400,000+ global influencers and creators (spanning YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter), we help ideate, strategise and activate campaigns with the right collaborators and UGC contributors for your brand.

We believe in the power of human touch when it comes to working with collaborators, which means that every one of the influencers we work with possess true influence within their chosen field and therefore are able to deliver authentic campaigns.


We collaborate with the right stakeholders in your business to understand the results you want from any influencer campaign when working together.

We work on identifying who the right influencers are and how best they can authentically support in spreading your brands message. We have extensive relationships with authentic global influencers across multiple platforms, and most of these creators are selective about which brands they work with, it is key for us to ensure the briefs we deliver to the creators representing your brand are aligned with the vision and outputs of the campaign objectives.

We are the end-to-end solution for your influencer marketing campaigns. From insight and strategy, creator engagement  and tracking, we manage the entire process so you can focus on what matters most.


We have developed a network of highly engaged and passionate influencers and creators who are able not only create beautiful content for your brand – they’ll also help build brand loyalty. 

From our briefing procedure through to tracking the performance of our influencer campaigns, we have built up a data pool of what works for each sector and type of talent. We onboard and work with influencers in a very different way to most influencer agencies, focusing heavily on the long term output of their content. 


Through our expertise in influencer marketing and relationships, we know that the best results will always come from a campaign which authentically aligns with both your brand and your target customer base.

This is why we do not only find the right influencers and manage the campaigns on you behalf, we also support the creators with a creative framework that helps them understand your brand, product or service better whilst allowing them to have open dialogue when it comes to the ideation and art direct.

Our goal is to only support the talent here, their authenticity must dictate their posting.


It can be difficult to understand the difference between success and failure of an influencer campaign. We provide insights that will help you optimise for improved campaign results over time, or better inform the next campaign.

We keep a firm handle on all KPI’s and metrics from campaign inception. Looking at performance throughout the user journey from brand awareness, through to engagement and even conversion, tracked through our influencer tracking platform.