YouTube Launches 4k Streaming | Vouch Global

With Sport events well and truly back this year, YouTube has upped their game when it comes to Sports streaming by offering Subscribers a new ‘4k Plus’ Package on YouTube TV,  for avid sports fans and streamers alike.

With 4k resolution, improved audio capabilities and unlimited downloads and streaming features, YouTube has launched this feature to bring everyone closer to the action. Whether you’re gathering with mates or just simply watching at home, YouTube wants to enhance everyone’s Sports watching experience to outperform other TV Sport subscription packages, as well as increase their revenue stream across the Social Media platform.

YouTube were quoted, saying: “We’re excited to share more innovative features we’re bringing to YouTube TV – from new experiences to help you feel like you’re actually there, to navigation tools that help you quickly find your favourite events.”

Since the launch in 2017, YouTube has been changing the status quo when it comes to viewing content online and this is another great step forward towards streaming more and more content than ever before. Will traditional TV be around in a few years time? We’ll have to get back to you on that..

Source: YouTube

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