Why you need branded content

Influencer Marketing Branded Content

Why you need branded content

Branded content is an essential element to success in the modern digital marketing landscape. Unlike traditional advertising such as banners and social media advertisements, etc. branded content should offer something useful to your audience or keep them entertained.

Types of branded content


Branded content might include, but is not limited to:


  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • E-books


The idea is to promote brand awareness without directly asking someone to purchase a product. Get it right, and some of the people engaging with that content will eventually become clients or customers because they begin to see your business as a trustworthy authority.

Why does branded content produce better results than traditional advertising?


Statistics show that when a potential customer or client views branded content, their brand recall abilities can become up to 59% higher than they would be when encountering a traditional ad.


The truth is that consumers are bombarded with advertisements these days, and many internet users have become somewhat immune from their effect. How often do you simply ignore a banner ad at the top of a website you visit? Quite a lot, right?


Research also shows that viewers of branded content are up to 14% more likely to seek out new content from the same brand in the future. So, it is an excellent tool for building long-term relationships.

Tips for creating the best branded content


While branded content outperforms traditional ads, it’s still vital that your company works hard to get the process right. The following tips should assist your digital marketing team as they move through the process.


  1. Be authentic! Authenticity is crucial when creating branded content right now. Social networks, blogs, and news websites are all accused of spreading fake news on a daily basis, and you can’t afford for your brand to become embroiled in controversy. Only publish truthful branded content that will encourage trust.


  1. Form long-term partnerships! It’s difficult to promote brand awareness and recognition overnight. Sometimes you have to target a specific audience more than once to achieve the desired outcomes. So, while some short-term partnerships with influencers can work well, your team should aim to build long-term relationships with those willing to share and promote your branded content.


  1. Use emotion to motivate the audience! The two most useful emotions for branded content are peer pressure, and the need for human beings to involve themselves in self-improvement. Remember that when creating your videos, podcasts, blog posts, or anything else. Get the content right, and it should assist in increasing conversions or meeting your alternative marketing goals.


However your digital marketing team approaches branded content in 2019, it is paramount they make use of the tips above and think clearly about their approach and ambitions. The days of blatantly advertising a product or service to your customers are not gone, but in the modern landscape, your brand also needs to tackle promotion using increasingly savvy methods.


While branded content is not a magic key to instant success, it will help your company to achieve its goals when used as part of a wider digital marketing strategy. So, now all you have to do is brainstorm some ideas and launch your first campaign of the new year. We wish you the utmost success!

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