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[vc_row enable_container=”st3″ section_back_opt=”light-bg-2″ row_padding_top=”top-padding-30″ row_padding_bottom=”no-padding-bottom”][vc_column][xen_sec_title title=”When the Good Guys Win” sub_title=”Restless Marketer Newsletter – Edition 13″ text_color=”text-color-1″ padding_bottom=”bottom-padding-10″][xen_text text_style=”p-style-medium”]You probably heard about the recent Gamestop Stock saga when a Reddit post changed the fate of one declining games company in the US, but you may not have heard about how a small business in Sherwood Forest accidentally won out of all of this too.

The hilarity came when many began to follow the wrong Twitter account.

Instead of following the Twitter account for Robinhood App, the online trading platform caught up in the height of the Gamestop Stock scandal, they began to follow the Worldwide Society of Robin Hood, a small group of Robin Hood fanatics based in Sherwood Forest in Nottingham.

Starting with 300 followers, they woke up the next day to over 60.1k new followers on their channel. Knowing that many were now following the wrong account, they remained calm, sharing helpful and funny tweets to all their new followers.

What did this little group get in return? Well, global news coverage and interviews, an increase in sales and the best free PR they could ever have wished for.

It’s always great to see when the little guys get the big wins. Check out their Twitter to see the fun that unfolded.

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