Weetabix and What?! | Vouch Global

The UK’s number 1 breakfast cereal Weetabix trended on Twitter last week due to a very unusual breakfast combo…Weetabix and Heinz beans!

The notorious tweet sparked conversation worldwide; from Tinder to Papa John’s,  hundreds of brands got in on the action.

SpecSavers tweeted a picture of a pair of glasses covered in beans, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

Nando’s commented “You okay hun? DM’s are open if you need to talk”, with KFC following up with “Let’s set aside our differences and prosecute this”.

Even the official NHS account jumped in with “It should come with a health warning”.

With 38k retweets and 133k likes, Sainsbury’s reported that Weetabix sales increased by 15% since the tweet went viral, showcasing the power of social awareness once again. Would you try this unique combo?

Source: Retail Times

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