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Ever considered being reactive with your content to the weather? Well, KFC in China took this one step further.

Through consumer research and insight, KFC in China saw a spike in demand on rainy days, so, to combat the demand, they changed their offering, meaning they could save meal prep time by up to 25%.

But, why is this relevant for Social Media?

Well, being reactive to your surroundings is vital when it comes to both organic and paid social and search content. Being reactive means being a part of the conservation, or get in early, drive the conversation.

From promoting indoor social entertainment venues more so on rainy days to selling warmer clothing as the weather gets cooler, online website traffic studies have shown a 12-15% increase in website sessions when the weather hasn’t been tip top.

Being reactive to the weather is something we will be testing in the future – from expanding budgets to testing different copy and creative, we will be using the weather in our favour, rather than letting it dampen our spirits.

Source: Contagious

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