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It’s common knowledge in the social media advertising world that Video ads perform better than static ads when it comes to Fashion/Retail eCommerce, and another study has again proven just how valuable this advertising method is.

In a study by Vidmob, they reported:


  • Video ads drive a 48% higher sales rate than static ads
  • 10-15 seconds perform best (19% higher conversion rate than 5-10 second videos and 184% higher than 5 second videos)
  • Videos with text in the first 5 seconds drove 46% more purchases than those without
  • ‘Shop’ is the best performing word to add to videos (more so than ‘Find’ or ‘Get’).

Why is this good to know? Because we 100% recommend using videos when selling products across paid social. Videos can be fun, dynamic, serious, creative, to the point, and convey more brand personality than a single image can.

Also, with many people already considering Christmas presents online, video ads are the perfect way to introduce your brand to customers without them needing to visit in store or look at your website.

Planning your next marketing budget? Add an allowance for ‘video content’ in there for sure!

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