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[vc_row enable_container=”st3″ section_back_opt=”light-bg-2″ row_padding_top=”top-padding-30″ row_padding_bottom=”no-padding-bottom”][vc_column][xen_text text_style=”p-style-medium”]Social media insight tools have become an essential component to success when learning about trends and discovering the top influencers currently driving conversions around different subjects.

There are many various social media analytics platforms available on the market today, and which your company uses will depend heavily on your goals. However, it is sensible to select tools that offer the following features:


• The ability to view engagement trends across multiple platforms

• Predictive analytical tools that show what will become popular in the future

• Filtering abilities that enable you to look at data from different locations, interests, and topics.

• The ability to find out which influencers are driving the most conversions[/xen_text][vc_empty_space height=”30px”][xen_text text_style=”p-style-medium”]

How to find the most relevant influencers

Use your social media insight tools to seek out the accounts that generate the most shares and interest in topics related to your brand or products. Those influencers clearly have the power to encourage their audiences to click links, consider advice, or take recommendations onboard.

Your digital marketing team can then contact the people concerned and attempt to strike a deal where the influencer will promote their brand or product either directly or indirectly. For the record, indirect recommendations and mentions tend to work best.

Monitor the outcomes from the influencer deal using your social media analytics and insight tools, and then make adjustments based on the available data before repeating the process with improvements in place.

Following that process should mean your company can continually boost results and achieve a better ROI every single time you run a new campaign.[/xen_text][vc_empty_space height=”45px”][xen_text text_style=”p-style-medium”]

Which are the best built-in analytics dashboards on social media?


Facebook Insights

Facebook offers an insights dashboard to all page owners, and it highlights all data concerning your posts including the reach and much more. Your digital marketing team can even create a list of pages to watch so you can monitor influences or your competition.

Instagram Insights

Instagram offers an insights dashboard to those running business accounts, and the data includes the performance of your stories, adverts, and posts. Much like Facebook, Instagram also allows page owners to learn more about their followers including their most active times of the day.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter provides users with insights and analytics for the last 28 days. It offers information about engagement levels for each tweet you publish including the number of retweets, likes, mentions, and impressions. It is possible to export this data for use within progress reports or strategic plans for the future.

Many other top social networks also offer tools for insights and analytics, and most of them work in the same way.

Be sure to continually monitor the performance of your posts when working with influencers to assess their impact on your campaigns. In many cases, it is possible for your digital marketing team to view data related to the influencer’s analytics too, and so it is possible to check their progress in real-time and make adjustments and improvements for future campaigns based on the results.

Influencer marketing will become more important than ever before as we move through 2019, and all brands must strive to use social media insights to refine their approach and seek out the most influential people capable of reaching their target markets.[/xen_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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