Using Influencer Marketing As A Performance Channel For E-commerce Brands

Influencer for E-commerce

Using Influencer Marketing As A Performance Channel For E-commerce Brands

Influencers have become one of the most powerful ways to promote your eCommerce brand. However, their results can often be unpredictable and the investments involved can be varied and often difficult to track. As a result, it’s important to consider your options when using influence marketing and find ways to optimise those strategies for maximum growth potential.


One of the best ways to optimise the use of influencer marketing is to consider using influence marketing as a performance channel. Influencers are integral to many different stages of the marketing funnel and through the use of analytical and tracking tools, it’s possible to identify the strongest influencers that you work with and also help to optimise their approach for maximum visibility of eCommerce your brand.


Gauging Engagement with Tracking Tools and Referrals


One of the most common ways to use influencer marketing as a performance channel is to set up referral links and discounts that are offered by those specific influencers. The premise is simple; offer a small discount (around 5 to 10 percent) and give each influencer a different referral code that they offer to their audiences. With a tracking system in place, it’s possible to see how many purchases are made with each referral code so that you can track the performance of each influencer, giving you a metric that can be used to gauge engagement and their success.


In addition to tracking the success of each influencer, this information can also be used to retarget prospects by using more messages in the future, bringing them into consideration during marketing and promotional campaigns and slowly leading them to make another purchase. Influencers can be used in many ways to create a journey that the consumer takes from the moment they discover a product to the day they receive it.


Creating a Holistic Approach to Influencer Marketing


It’s important to understand that influencer marketing isn’t a branch of regular marketing but needs to be a consideration in every marketing department that you utilise. From social media marketing campaigns to making live appearances at events that you host, influencers can be included in virtually every strategy that you use in order to create a holistic approach to influencer marketing. They break the typical strategies and boundaries that are normally formed with traditional marketing disciplines and can be used as a performance channel thanks to all of the measurable data that is involved.


Working together with influencers can introduce many opportunities for your eCommerce brand, but investing in solutions that go beyond social media and content creation is important. When looking for influencers to help you market your products or your brand, it’s vital that you form long-term relationships that have room to grow instead of sticking to one-shot opportunities. Creating a sustained relationship will help connect you with your influencers and will be a far more effective strategy to future-proof the marketing opportunities for your eCommerce store.


While thinking of influencer marketing as a performance channel is nothing out of the ordinary or new in today’s eCommerce market, it can certainly be used in interesting and measurable ways to help you create a more successful and holistic approach to influencer marketing.



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