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If you’re looking to boost your engagement by diving into the world of Instagram reels, the social platform has revealed best recipe to conquer Instagram Reels

Firstly Instagram explains how they decide what reels to show us. They do this by seeing how likely we are to:

•Watch a reel all the way through

•Like and comment

•Make your own reel based on the audio

So if you watch reels all the way through, that gives Instagram a signal that you are interested and you’ll likely be shown similar reels based on your likes and comments.

Instagram also shared the key elements to boost reel engagement:

•Activity – they look at reels you’ve liked, commented on and engaged with recently

•Your history of interacting with the person who posted

•Information about the reel – audio, video understanding based on whole frames and pixels (this means Instagram is trying to match up the videos you watched to similar ones based on a AI system) and popularity

•Information about the person who posted and how people interact with them

Lastly Instagram explains what will harm our reels getting engagement and what to avoid:

•Low resolution or watermarked reels

•Reels that focus on politics

•Reels that are made by political figures, parties, government officials or on their behalf

With this in mind Instagram will limit the amount of clips coming over from TikTok as you can clearly see the watermark when you save TikTok videos. If you like to post similar content on your TikTok and reels be sure to post with no watermarks otherwise your post will reach less people.

Source: Social Media Today

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