TikTok Tests Stories | Vouch Global

Just like all other social channels, TikTok has confirmed they are testing their own version of Instagram/Snapchat-style stories.

Just like other short video social media platforms, creators will be able to upload new stories on their profiles, where fans can watch and interact with them by tapping on the profile picture to view their new story, which will only appear for 24hrs.

TikTok commented “We’re always thinking about new ways to bring value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience.”

The stories-style feature has been continuously growing over the years. After Snapchat introduced the original concept in 2013, Stories are now available across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Netflix and even the Xbox App.

Whilst TikTok haven’t confirmed when or where Stories will be available, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled (especially on Twitter) for this new news.

Source: i-D

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