TikTok Promotes Kindness | Vouch Global

TikTok is introducing two new features to help spread positivity and kindness.

The platform will now track keywords which violate TikTok’s guidelines and automatically display a ‘Comment Prompt’ to warn users before they post something unkind or inappropriate – allowing the user to revise their comment.

In addition, the new ‘Filter All Comments’ feature will allow creators to approve comments before they appear on their videos using a new comment management tool.

Tara Wadhwa, TikTok’s Director of Policy, commented: “We know that comments are an important way for community members to connect with creators, and we’ll continue to develop ways to promote respectful discussion.”

Such is the power of social media, it can enable negativity just as easily as it does positive connections. Therefore, we salute any platform that helps create a supportive environment – well done, TikTok!

Source: TikTok

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