TikTok Introduces New Wellness Hub | Vouch Global

TikTok announced last week that they have created a new hub within their app, focusing on Wellness and Wellbeing, called TikTok Wellness Hub.

The hub on the video content sharing platform is a source of information for those wanting to know more information about wellbeing, wellness and mental health.

It provides tips and resources in four dedicated categories – ‘Food and Nutrition’, ‘Fitness’, ‘Life Advice’ and ‘Mindfulness’. Within those areas, you will then be shown dedicated content around that topic and be served videos from influencers focusing on that topic of interest.

At a time where mental health is incredibly important, this is a brilliant move from TikTok, especially when the average age of a TikTok consumer is of the GEN Z generation.

It’s the latest move from TikTok in encouraging positive online behaviour when it comes to social media consumption, building positive communities and coming together during these strange times.

Source: Tech Centry

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