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Now that the 2021 lockdown restrictions have been lifted and we’re able to go out again, we’ve reviewed the effect of lockdown on eCommerce vs. hospitality in the UK over the course of the last 3 lockdowns.

The graph above shows eCommerce sales as a percentage of retail sales. eCommerce has been gradually rising for years, however during each lockdown period, it grew exponentially.

From Amazon deliveries to Tesco online food shops, it’s clear that being stuck at home changed our consumer habits. Those who prefer to physically go to retail stores had to adapt to online shopping, and with less time outdoors socialising , consumers may have spent their income elsewhere online.

In contrast, as the lockdown restrictions lift and we’re able to visit shops, restaurants and pubs, eCommerce typically dips and hospitality numbers soar.

With three lockdowns’ worth of data, the trends are there to see. Covid has had a huge impact on our lives, eCommerce and hospitality. As we (hopefully) get back to normality, these trends may balance out, but the best brands must adapt with the times.

Source: ONS.GovONS.Gov

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