The Future of the Highstreet and Google Adwords

Highstreet & Google Adwords

The Future of the Highstreet and Google Adwords

While commentators debate the future of the high street and online shopping, here at Vouch Global, we’ve noticed an interesting trend that may benefit small- and mid-sized local businesses in the increasingly competitive e-commerce space.


There’s no doubt that the likes of Amazon and eBay are winning the online retail market. Amazon’s market share increases year-on-year, causing the market to become increasingly concentrated and hostile to independent competitors.


But even with fierce competition, we still see opportunities for independent firms to offer exclusive and unique services to customers.


Let’s say that a customer wants a product on the same day, like a power drill, so that they can continue doing work. They fire up the Amazon store – as they usually would – and start looking for what they want, only to realise that delivery will take two days or more. For a customer in need, that is an unacceptably long delivery window.


The next thing they do is hop over to Google search and type in something like “power drills in London” with the hope of finding a vendor that can supply them with the tools they need on the same day. The problem with this is that they will almost certainly be met with advertising from a more expensive retail chain, like John Lewis or from local Gumtree ads which require time to arrange a meet up.


There’s Got To Be A Better Solution


At Vouch Global paid search agency, we think that small and mid-size online retailers have an opportunity to attract customers by filling this particular market need. Rather than forcing customers to wait until the delivery arrives, small companies can provide local services that put products in customers’ hands faster than the big retailers.


The trick to pulling this off, in our view, is to know which keywords to target in Google Adwords, and which products to promote. We suggest that small- and mid-sized retailers think carefully about which products customers regularly need, there and then, and then select associated keywords.


There are obvious examples, such as “power drill delivery today” but also less clear-cut longtail keywords, like “power drill in my area.” A paid search agency can help you find the keywords you should choose which indicate customer intent and drive in-store footfall.


Once you’ve got a list of suitable keywords, your product will appear in PPC advertising in search results. The idea is that customers will click on your advertisements and find that they can collect the products that they need locally, in-store, there and then.


Of course, pulling this off isn’t easy. The trick is to make sure that the claims made by your PPC advertising in paid search match up to the stock currently residing in your inventory. At Vouch Global, we can take care of this process for you making sure the in-store stock matches the product feed within the Google Ads account.


Strategies like this benefit smaller firms because they can step in and compete on non-price grounds. When somebody needs a product right now, they are often willing to pay more for it, making the activity more profitable to the retailer.



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