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Using customer data, Spotify take a step closer to a personalised in-app experience with the  ‘Only You’ campaign.

Spotify dived deep into their users’ listening habits to create the following 6 elements:

1 – Your Audio Birth Chart: your sun sign is the artist you have listened to the most over the last 6 months, your moon sign is the artist you listen to that shows your vulnerable side, and your rising sign shows what artist you have recently connected with.

2 – Your Dream Dinner Party: this is the interactive part of the campaign where you can select 3 favourite artists you would invite for a dinner party! So naturally, Spotify will make a playlist for you. 

3 – Your Artist Pairs: this sections pairs up the two artists that are completely opposite to each other to show your wide range of music taste.

4 – Your Song Of The Year

5 – Your Time Of Day: this shows songs or podcasts you listen to at certain times of day.

6 – Your Genres: the last section that brings all your unique taste together.

Bringing this data together and presenting in a slick, sharable format encourages users to shout about their individuality across social media and to their friends – which works out as great organic promotion for the streaming platform.

So, what is your dream dinner party? Head over to to find out.

Source: Spotify

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