Spotify Offers Monetisation Offers for Podcasts | Vouch Global

Podcasters and creators of the like can currently only drive revenue through paid ads within their podcasts, but, following an update from Spotify, that is about to change.

Launching in the US first, Spotify have now shared what they will offer Podcasters to help them monetise their work on the music network. These options include: Paid Subscriptions, Spotify’s Open Access Platform, and further access to the Spotify Audience Network.

A big favourite for Podcasters is the new ‘subscription Podcasts’ whereby a Podcaster can release new content to paying subscribers, bringing these dedicated fans more content for them.

Podcasts are still a relatively new medium when it comes to social interaction and brand engagement, but this may be a new way for brands to engage with fans, offering them exclusive auditable content that they may not get anywhere else on social.

It’s certainly a social network we want to explore more – watch this space!

Source: wesrm

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