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The best looking campaign in the world will only help grow your brand if it’s reaching the right audience at the right time.

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With so many social media sites and all the different ways that people use them, how can you find your audience – and most importantly, get themengaging with your content?
Social Media Insight
It’s all about knowing your audience and understanding their needs and behaviour.
The insights we give our clients help shape how they communicate with their target audience and let them build strong, long-lasting relationships with consumers.
Our qualitative research provides insights into:

Social media profiling and influence:

  • Identifying and mapping key groups talking about a brand or category
  • Profiling influential contributors to help design outreach programmes

Category understanding:

  • Providing a deep understanding of specific categories and consumer segments
  • Research that identifies trends, habits, motivations, usage, and attitudes

Brand health and equity:

  • Looking at consumer perceptions of brands, products and competitors across social media
  • Identifying if perceptions reflect the right brand promise and positioning

Customer experience and satisfaction:

  • Using social media as a source for feedback to benchmark customer satisfaction and trust
  • Assessing the effectiveness of clients’ social media CRM

Marketing and communications effectiveness:

  • Using pre-campaign insights to improve reach and impact of marketing spend
  • Measuring the reach of both online and offline campaigns and identifying areas for improvement


  • Identifying key drivers and potential risks through crisis insights and reputation benchmarking
  • Improving knowledge through news and survey datasets and social media mentions
We tailor our social media insights approach to fit your needs and meet your brand goals. Find out how we can give you meaningful and relevant insights that’ll help you build stronger relationships with your audience.
Our social media insight service uses a variety of data sources, as well as social media conversations to understand consumers and find answers to help with marketing, market research, insights, strategy, creative, digital, and more.

I have collaborated with Vouch across many brand campaigns now, and thought it time to bring my own products to market. Vouch helped me bring my ideas to reality, generating six figures in my first month of activity with them.

- Calum Best, TV Personality & Entrepreneur, Best Me Life

Vouch delivered full service social activity for three of our Soho House beauty brands, Cowshed, Neville and Cheeky. The social ads we ran with Vouch delivered a 30% ROI over 12 months.

- Dwaine Bryan, Head Of E-commerce, Soho House

We've worked with Mark and the team for some time now. They continue to provide us with valuable social insight & strategy in the build up to our influencer live events and digital campaigns, as well as delivering value through our social performance ad campaigns.

- Samantha Gibb, Head of PR & Marketing EMEA, New Era

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