Social Activation For Experiential Events

Make your experiential events social-minded so they live up to their potential, create a buzz, and build the brand loyalty you want.

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Experiential events can bring your audience closer to you and help build long-lasting connections with them. People who might have heard of your brand but not paid much attention before, could be tempted into checking out your event –but only if they know it’s happening.
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This is why having a social focus for your experiential events is so important.

A well-thought out and executed social strategy should cover the lead up to the event, the day itself, and the follow-up too. By doing this, you’ll be able to get your audience interested in stopping by, keeping up with what they’re missing out on, and make them want to see more from you afterwards.

We can work with you to get the most value out of your events. We’ll work with you to create engaging social content that evokes emotions from those who will be attending – and creates a serious case of FOMO for those who give it a miss.

Our event content strategies cover pre, present, and post influencer marketing – as well as branded content, social media activations and advocacy in the weeks (or sometimes even months) leading up to the event, while it’s taking place, and basking in the post-event afterglow to keep it at the top of your audience’s minds for longer.

We also use feedback, data, and insights at every stage of the process to help make sure your event – and future events – are as successful as possible and meet your business goals.

I have collaborated with Vouch across many brand campaigns now, and thought it time to bring my own products to market. Vouch helped me bring my ideas to reality, generating six figures in my first month of activity with them.

- Calum Best, TV Personality & Entrepreneur, Best Me Life

Vouch delivered full service social activity for three of our Soho House beauty brands, Cowshed, Neville and Cheeky. The social ads we ran with Vouch delivered a 30% ROI over 12 months.

- Dwaine Bryan, Head Of E-commerce, Soho House

Mark and the team continue to provide us with valuable social insight & strategy in the build-up to our influencer live events, social performance and paid digital campaigns.

- Samantha Gibb, Head of PR & Marketing EMEA, New Era
Let us tell you more about how we can help get your audience interested in attending your events, and how we can leverage your events to build stronger consumer relationships for your brand.
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