Snapchat Acquires Fashion Recommendation App | Vouch Global

Snapchat has taken another step towards integrated eCommerce with the acquisition of fashion recommendation app, Screenshop.

Described as “Shazam for clothes” by Vogue, the Screenshop app allows users to upload an image of a fashion look they love, and the app’s AI provides similar products for shopping inspiration.

It’s clear that Snapchat will look for ways to add the tool into its shopping integrations, which already includes the additions of Bitmoji fashion brand collabs and AR try-on tools for make-up and shoes.

At Vouch, we’ve driven industry-leading return on ad spend for clients from Snapchat this year. We’re excited to see how Snapchat incorporates this technology into the efforts, taking its potential for integrated eCommerce to the next level.

Source: Social Media Today

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