Rise of Podcasts in 2021

Rise of Podcasts in 2021

Restless Marketer Newsletter - Edition 14

With more time to consume digital media than ever before, Podcasts have seen increased popularity over the past 12 months, according to Apple Podcast Data.

With over 63,000 new shows being uploaded every week (compared to 25,000 in Sept 2019),  there is something for everyone to listen to. From true crime documentaries and dramas to light hearted chatty ‘catch ups’ to more hard hitting matters like political debates and Black Lives Matter movement.

As well as a rise in popularity when listening to Podcasts, there are also more advertising opportunities for brands to take up.

Creating short, snappy verbal ads, brands can speak to their audiences with highly targeted ads. For example, a streetwear brand like our client Graft3r could easily pair up with a popular urban music podcast/chat show as we know this to be one of their key, engaged audiences.

Although there may not be any clickable links to your brand, awareness is so important at the beginning stages of introducing yourselves to customers, and Podcasts are a great modern way of doing this as we become more verbally orientated with our media consumption.

Source: InPublishing


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