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At Vouch, we daily keep abreast of trends, topics and industry research when it comes to Social Media and digital platforms.

One of our favourite sources of info Emplifi have just released their latest Q2 trends report, and here’s a summary of what we have learnt from it that we want to share with you:

• Global Social Media advertising spend grows by 50% YoY
The industries that spend more were: Fashion (95.5%), Alcohol (88.4%), Beauty (44.1%) and eCommerce (41.4%)

• Advertising CTR remained stable and consistent, even with the boost of Paid Social Ads

• Facebook ads reach decreased by 12.4% YoY (nothing to worry about, we promise!)

• Facebook News Feed continues to be the most engaging placement on for paid media

• Ave. CTR for Facebook News Feed Ads is 0.29%, which is 3x more than the next platform

• The total number of engagements on Instagram brand profiles was 5.2x higher than on Facebook profiles.

Whilst we could share a vast range of stats from the latest report, we wanted to share a few highlights relevant to both our clients and readers of our weekly Newsletter.

We take onboard all industry knowledge when developing strategies, whilst also continuously adjusting our approaches to get the best results for all our clients.

Check the report for yourself, linked in the source.

Source: Emplifi – Q2 Data Report August 2021

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