Driving Bookings
Through Paid Media
For Puttshack




Puttshack ripped up the rule book when it came to traditional ‘mini golf’ by creating the most innovative and technically advanced golfing experience in town.

Powered by the same technology as Top Golf (their founders), Puttshack brings people together through high-tech mini golf, delicious food and scrumptious cocktails in the heart of London’s Westfield White City, Bank and Essex.


To drive bookings to the different Puttshack venues to various audiences based on interests, collated data and online behaviour.

With different venues in seperate locations, our challenge was to ensure we were targeting our most valuable customers within a 25km radius, with the right messaging and creative based on their online behaviour and interests.

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After conducting full social audits on whom their target audience are, where to find them, what their interests and hobbies are and location, we began to segment their audiences into groups based on the information collected.

From key competitors that their audience visit to online social and digital behaviour, we categorised their vast key audience into different Ad Sets, followed by sharing ads that would resonate with them and encourage them to book at the venue nearest them.

From families to ‘date nights’, couples to those who are looking for the next social entertainment adventure with friends, each audience was set its own goal in order to achieve our ultimate objective, to drive revenue to venues.


Following our results-driven funnel set up for Paid Social and Search, successful campaigns were launched and have been continuously running for Puttshack (when they have been able to open around the Covid-19 lockdowns).

Month on month growth has been achieved, continuously building up website data for retargeting, thus locating our most valuable customers to book with us. Ongoing optimisation throughout has ensured we truly know where are winning audiences are, what messaging works and what creative assets appeal to them most.







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