New Era

The Challenge

Identify the right social audiences and interests for New Era to target with Influencers and paid advertising during new product launches.

Support New Era in identifying and recruiting the right influencers for social experiential and PR events.


The Solution

Vouch created monthly social media reports for the New Era brand, alongside running paid social campaigns for new product launches.

Due to the competitive nature of the youth demographic audience, New Era wanted to better understand this audience and how they engage with content and brands across the social landscape.


The Result

Because of the in-depth understanding each month, New Era was able to bring their Cost Per Engagement down to £0.03 and worked to a cost per sale of £2.75 during campaign periods.

We were able to go a step further with New Era and the fact that they run influencer events with every new launch. We supported this offline and online marketing mix by helping identify the most cut-through influencers to invite to these events.

This influencers have gone on to become brand partners and constantly push quality traffic and brand awareness mentions towards the New Era brand.


Key Performance Stats





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