Pokémon Go Announces Virtual Summer Music Festival | Vouch Global

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Pokémon Go this summer, Pokémon announced ‘Pokémon GO Fest 2021’, a two-day virtual event and music festival.

On July 17th, all players will be able to access a virtual event through the app where the game will rotate through four unique themes – jungle, desert mountain, ocean beach and cave.

On July 18th, paid ticket holders can attend the virtual music festival where they can choose the music genre and Pokémon to participate, taking part in new challenges to receive special rewards and bonuses.

Due to the pandemic we’ve seen a rise in virtual events, but Pokémon Go has led the way in creating an interactive virtual world with a global fanbase of active users. We can’t wait to see how the game turns into a music festival for the day!

Source: Pokemon Go

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