Our Story

Meet Vouch

With decades of collective experience, Vouch brings together a team of data analysts, strategists, content creators and paid media experts to help you build your brand from awareness through to sales.


A History Of Getting Tangible Results From Social Media

Way back in 2011, our founder Mark Joseph launched the UK’s first Social CRM Agency as a way to use in-depth social media insight to inform content and paid media strategies across social media and influencer campaigns. This shifted the marketing focus to using data and insight to deliver real results for clients – a value that has been carried through to Vouch.


Using over a decade of senior experience in the world’s largest agency groups – including Omnicom, PHD, and Dentsu 360i – combined with Mark’s influencer relationships and results-driven mantra, he was able to build a dedicated team at Vouch who put audience needs first to create successful brand campaigns for clients.


Using The True Power Of Social Media Influencer Marketing

There’s a fine line when it comes to using influencers in marketing content to your audience. Use it well, and you can create real, long-lasting relationships with them – but a misstep could hurt both the brand’s and influencer’s reputations.

At Vouch, we have years of experience working with brands and influencers to create content that speaks to the right audience and keeps them coming back for more. Our approach to media planning, strategy, content, execution, and quality, creates a smooth process that keeps everyone on the same page and brings great results.


Our Essence

Authentic and ethical social media content delivery and brand growth is what we’re all about. We work closely with brands to understand their goals and their audience to create campaigns that get people interested.


Our Vibe

Everything we do is for a reason. We use insights and data mining to guide our decisions, and this lets us scale campaigns and reach the right audience. We manage teams of new age influencers and help them understand and deliver the ROI expectations for our clients.


Every day we dream big, do the research, and then make it happen – reinventing the realms of what’s possible.


Our Mission

Vouch is a belief; a mindset; a personal code; It’s how we work in the world of social influence. We are passionate about the outcome of our clients and their customers, through authentic social media content and influencer relationships.

We are a nimble business built for today’s social mobile landscape, designed to keep our client’s customers growing, whilst maintaining relevance for tomorrow.

Our clients are our partners, we go all the way with them to achieve results and refuse to have it any other way. We are Vouch Global.

Our Values

We’ve built Vouch Global on 4 values that keep us on the right path: Mindful Passion, Positive Thinking, Restless Minds, Do Good.

Mindful Passion

We’re aware and mindful about where we focus our passion each day. We make sure to channel it solely towards the goals and objectives of our clients.

Positive Thinking

Our positive attitudes set the tone for how we perform in and out of Vouch. More than that, it’s the basis of how we communicate with our clients, partners, and each other every day.

Restless Minds

Our Restless Minds help us to think differently. These are what keep us nimble, creative, and disruptive in the fast-paced world of digital.

Do Good

For us, it all comes down to do good. Good for our clients, good for their customers, good for the world – without this, nothing else matters.


Vouch would just be a collection of rather compelling campaign concepts without the brilliant people that work here.
They are the ones on the frontline each day growing the brands of our clients.

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