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Everyone loves a ‘new year, new me’ resolution and Facebook is doing just that with its Facebook Page layout and features.

The new features and design will be coming in the next few weeks, and they are all about creating smooth customer experiences for ‘followers’ of your page.

Whilst there are a few changes, below are our top 3 to note:

  1. New Q&A feature that will allow customers can find info about your services on your page
  2. Dedicated News Feed with your page so customers can have a more authentic experience with you
  3. Removal of the ‘Like’ button

The most important update, especially when it comes to social reporting, is the removal of the ‘Like’ button. ‘Likes’ have never been a true indicator of a page’s success, so by focusing on Follower growth, you can count on your followers to be genuine and meaningful to you, developing into a ‘lifetime value customer’.

Facebook pages and organic content may not see high engagement rates like Instagram or Paid Social activity, but with millions using Facebook as a search engine for info, this is an update that we will certainly be focusing on throughout 2021.

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