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Secretly launching in early March 2020, Clubhouse is the latest social app. Want to be a part of it? You’ve got to be invited. Oh, and own an iPhone.

The ‘voice only’ platform currently has around 600k members (drastic growth since December 2020 when there were only 3.5k members!), and the ‘guest list’ mainly includes celebrities such as Oprah, Ashton Kutcher, Drake and Jared Leto.

Clubhouse is all about being heard; from joining in a rap battle with other members of the exclusive app, to taking part in musical auditions, as demonstrated by the cast of Dreamgirls and Hamilton!

Hopefully in future this app will open itself out to everyone, and we’ll be the first to dive in when it does!

With voice notes, voice activated gadgets and voice ‘demand’ ads now all around us, the power of voice is really starting to step up and make a break-through when it comes to social engagement.

Watch this space. We’ll be sure to let you know when everyone is invited into ‘Clubhouse’.

Source: Bloomberg and Glamour

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