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Ever since the build up to the US elections, Facebook has been on high alert, disabling ads for political reasons, social reasons, or just seemingly for no reason at all.

Understandably this has made things slightly more difficult for us in the marketing world, potentially promoting us to seek alternative solutions, supporting the growth of platforms like Snapchat, YouTube and TikTok.

Facebook have now taken (some) steps to help, providing a new ‘Account Issues’ dashboard within the ‘Account Quality’ section of Ads Manager. It shows which ads have been rejected, which are pending review, and which have been resolved. It also explains which policies an ad may have violated, allowing you to make changes.

Our view on this? It’s a handy place to keep track of rejected ads, because no doubt there will be more of them. And sometimes the reason for an ad being rejected leaves us scratching our heads.

Source: Stacked Marketer

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