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You may have been hearing for a while, either from us, in the news or across LinkedIn, about the new iOS 14 update and advertising data tracking.

Reported by the BBC Monday 26th April 2021, the new update, which requires you to allow or decline if you would like to be targeted/retargeted by ads based on your activity, is officially launching this week when the new iOS 14.5 update is released.

At Vouch, we have known about this update for a long time and have worked closely together to come up with solutions when it comes to effective advertising tracking.

Whilst we may not be able to use pixel data for accurate measuring anymore, we already know that sales for many of our clients continue to soar, thus meaning a closer partnership and using clients internal CRM and Sales Management System when it comes to reporting.

So, what does this all mean for future Paid Social Advertising?
Other than a bit of a faff when it comes to reporting, nothing.

There is 0 evidence that Paid Social advertising will not continue to work following this update. At Vouch, we have ensured we have kept on top of these updates and thought ahead of the curve for our clients when it comes to our Paid Media strategies, so we can continue to deliver everyday.

Source: BBC News

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