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Many brands rely (all too often) on their loyal customers and databases to keep them going, whether this be sharing on social media to word of mouth marketing, Customers are the voice of your brand. However, according to a new report carried out by Facebook and Kantar, Brand Loyalty is changing  and here’s what we have learnt.

Only 8% of people from the research pool for the ‘Brand Loyalty Is No Longer Stable, But An Ongoing Conversation’ report would consider themselves ‘Brand Loyal’.

So, with such a low figure, how do you change that? Well, here are the recommendations direct from Facebook on the matter below.

Six Universal Drivers of Brand Love:

• Exceeding Needs – Outperform and overdeliver to offer the best (quality, performance and design)

• Building Trust – Make things personal with customers

• Setting Trends – Rethink, reinvent and refresh offerings

• Sharing Values – Value-led brands attract those who share the same values

• Respecting Consumers – Integrate into consumers’ lives whilst respecting their time and experiences

• Elevating Experiences – Making memorable and immersive experiences

The above list is in no particular order as all of these are equally as important as each other.

From online eCommerce platforms to hospitality focused, all your communications (digital and offline), should always revert back to one of the above Drivers to help continue to grow brand love, loyalty and awareness.

What do you offer your customers in order to drive brand love?

Source: Facebook

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