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All advertisers will know that A/B testing paid ads is essential to learning what your audience will engage with. From pictures vs videos, to short vs long form copy, everything is worth testing to see what really makes your audiences convert.

But what if you don’t know what will work or where to start? Welcome to TikTok Ads Library.

The new TikTok Ads library platform allows you explore a multitude of ads currently being run on the platform. From different genres to the results they are driving, this transparent platform helps you to learn what is working on TikTok to drive results for brands. You can also use this tool to have a look at your competitors activity too, just like Facebook’s Ads Library.

The platform is continuously being updated and has only just launched, but if you are considering launching TikTok Ads, this is somewhere to start when it comes to planning your strategy.

At Vouch, we have a dedicated TikTok Business Account and are very much looking forward to launching TikTok ads over the next coming weeks for a variety of our clients,, reaching millions of Millennials and GEN Z audiences who have been addicted to the platform over the last 12 months.

Have an explore for yourself here – ‘Top Ads’.

Source: Social Media Today

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