Instagram Lets Users Hide Like Counts | Vouch Global

Back in April 2019 Instagram confirmed it was testing removing “Like” counts, commenting “We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your posts get”.  Some users found that Likes had disappeared from their platform.

While some may prefer to not have the added pressure of Likes, others believe it reduces the ability to track popular and trending content.

Now in a second phase of this global test, select users are being asked if they would like to keep things as they are or start hiding Like counts. With this new data, Instagram will be able to make a decision on whether Likes should stay or go.

Nowadays, we know that engagement is measured by more than just likes – Saves, Shares and Comments all play a part. And with Story and Reel content growing in popularity, perhaps Likes are no longer needed. What do you think?

Source: WERSM

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