Instagram Introduces Desktop Posting | Vouch Global

To some, this update may not seem that much, but, for the likes of content creators and those who enjoy Instagram from their desktops, this update is everything right now.

Currently being tested by a small select group of users, Facebook, the owners of Instagram, are testing the feature of letting users post feed images from their desktop to their social feeds.

To see if you are one of these select testers, here are some instructions here, as reported by Forbes and Bloomberg via Facebook – open Instagram in a desktop browser and look for the new ‘+’ icon to the right of your inbox icon.

With the hope that this will roll out for everyone soon, it brings great joy to those whose work is created on a desktop, which can then directly be uploaded to Instagram, without a compromise over quality or needing to pay for a 3rd party scheduling tool.

We’re excited for this to become a worldwide feature very soon – watch this space.

Source: Forbes

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