Instagram Announces Product ‘Drops’

Instagram Announces Product ‘Drops’

Instagram is adding a new feature to help sellers create a buzz around new product launches before they become available.

Users will be able to explore the latest product launches as well as discover upcoming launches.

Of course new product launches are nothing new within eCommerce, but the new feature, ‘Drops’, which will be located within the ‘Shop’ tab,  will help connect online shoppers with new products more easily via the social media platform.

The fact that new products may also be available in limited supplies for a period of time also helps stimulate interest and demand. Shoppers also can sign up to receive reminders about products they’re interested in.

At Vouch, we’ve seen that generating hype around new products is key to hit the ground running with launch campaigns, so the new ‘Drops’ feature is a welcome addition from Instagram.

Source: Tech Crunch


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