Influencer Impact Rises By 57%

Influencer Impact Rises By 57%

Influencer collaborations have become more valuable in 2020, recording 57% more reach and impact compared to 2019, according to a Klear’s Influencer Marketing 2021 report.

With the rise of TikTok, short, ‘snackable’ video content has become the norm. In turn, influencers are shifting away from full pots and moving towards shorter snippets on TikTok and Instagram stories. While the total number of #ad posts on Instagram declined, sponsored stories increased by 32%, mirroring the shift in consumer behaviour.  Sponsored activity across TikTok increased by 130% this year – huge.

The generation raised by the internet and known for their strong social views, Gen Z’s impact continues to grow, as 18-24 year olds contributed a 9% increase in influencer #ad content this year. In a year unlike any other, 80% of brands are now likely to engage in social activism.

For us at Vouch, influencer partnerships are a valuable part of the overall marketing mix, not just to drive sales during key promotions, but to create long-term advocacy and loyalty for brands.

Source: Marketing Dive


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