Influencer Brands


Influencers into Brand Owners

We Help Influencer’s Launch Their Own Digital And Physical Products

From product development, website design, content creation and paid media through to order fulfilment and customer service – Vouch support influencers in building six and seven-figure brands.

Through our in-house proprietary technology, we are able to build profitable brands at scale alongside the influencers we work with.

Product Development

We work closely with influencers to monetise their audience – not only through brand traffic, but through sourcing, developing, and packaging their own products.

Ecommerce Websites

We help influencers set up their own branded ecommerce stores within 2-4 weeks, that not only convert their audience into customers, but also allow them to receive real time payments.

Paid Media

As well as helping you monetise your existing audience, we’ll also help you reach new people and draw them into your social real estate – helping grow both your community and brand sales.

BRAND: Best Me Life

We worked with social media influencer Calum Best (1.2M audience) to understand his social media audience and develop three unique products for him to help him grow and nurture his following.

See What Happened

AURA Pendants

Supporting influencers like @MrCalumBest and Love Island’s @MissCallyJane with product development, e-commerce website builds and full-service digital marketing services to drive sale conversions including funnels, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and PPC.

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Influencer Brands Retail Launch

BRAND: BestMeLife Courses

The Best Me Life brand had seen success with the likes of Paperchase and ASOS globally, which led us to keep growing the brand with Calum across 200+ relatable CPD accredited courses.

Through creating a large library of digital content, we now hold over 400+ certified courses that can be tailored to fit the different influencers we work with. We can also create new modules, courses, and other digital products to help influencers.

Support Into Retail

With some of the influencers we work with, we support launching into retail stores, exhibitions and charity collaborations.

We have since partnered with the NSPCC, ASOS, Paperchase, The Ideal Home Show and Ideal World TV.

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65 %

Digital Products

In 2018, 65% of the products we created for brands and influencers were digital. This includes over 200 courses and fitness guides.
35 %

Physical Products

Last year, 35% of the products we created for brands and influencers were physical. These include clothes, jewellery, and planners.

Understanding Your Audience + Your Passion

The first step is for us to get a feel for what your audience really wants. We use this knowledge to identify the products that will really speak to them, so we can then work towards launching those products for you.

Build & Brand Your New Store

Once we know the right product to launch to your audience, we’ll work with you on creating your store brand and messaging. Going from concept to live store takes 2-4 weeks, depending on the complexity of your new product.

Scale Paid Media Advertising

With your products, store and launch strategy all in place, we put together an insight-driven paid media strategy that helps grow sales within your existing audience, whilst introducing a new audience to your brand too.