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With TikTok’s user base starting off as primarily Gen Z, it’s taken some time for businesses to realise the potential of TikTok for eCommerce. But with 14.8million users expected to be on the platform by 2022 (according to Statista), more and more businesses are starting out on TikTok.

Unlike other social media platforms like Instagram, it’s not possible to request an account to be verified. TikTok has a team that decides who deserves the blue tick, but they have provided criteria to help guide businesses:

• Grow your followers daily

• Increase the amount of time users spend watching your videos

• Increase the amount of users who watch your content

• Increase the amount of engagement your content gets

• Gain media coverage

• Be verified on other social platforms

• Follow the rules set out in their community guidelines

So how can you do this? In truth there’s no secret as it takes time to build up your reputation. It’s best to test and learn which content is the most engaging for your audience. If you can consistently and frequently produce relevant, interesting and authentic content, then you’ll start ticking off TikTok’s checklist and verification won’t be far away!

Source: TikTok and Statista

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