Facebook Launches New Rap App – BARS | Vouch Global

With the music industry paused and artists using other tools and methods to get their new music out there, Facebook’s internal R&D team, NPE team have created a new music app for wanna-be-rappers called BARS.

With a selection of music, beats and rhymes pre-programmed, artists can record their own lyrics to produce their music and content to download and share with friends.

There’s also a “Challenge mode” available, where you can freestyle with auto-suggested word cues, which has more of a game-like element to it.

The app was created as a bit of fun during the pandemic, but as many are gaining their claim to fame through apps such as TikTok, Facebook wanted to offer a platform to help artists release their material in the hopes of being spotted.

Culture is a huge part of our agency ethos, so when it comes to targeting our clients’ audiences, we like to ensure we know what platforms they use and where to find them. This is an essential part of our role when developing strategies that deliver to the right audience in the right place, at the right time.

Source: TechCrunch

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