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This year, Red Bull is taking their yearly ‘Dance Your Style’ competition to TikTok!

Up until the 15th November, TikTok users can enter the competition by uploading a 30 second video of themselves street dancing to the song ‘Get Loose Now’ by the Black Eyed Peas.

Videos must tag @RedBullDance and hashtag #redbulldanceyourstyle for a chance to be “guaranteed a fast track towards a spot” in next year’s final. The winner will be chosen by fellow users via TikTok’s poll function.

Through popular dance trends, TikTok has propelled teenage and young adult users to fame during the global pandemic. With a second lockdown keeping people at home, the social media platform provides the perfect opportunity for Red Bull to reach a younger demographic.

With videos from creators amassing a total 3.1 billion views already, the challenge is proving to be a huge success.

Source: Mobile Marketer

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