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Everyone knows Colin the Caterpillar, right? Colin appeared on M&S shelves in 1990 and he still has our hearts to this day, so it comes at no surprise that other supermarkets may want to cash in on this chocolaty treat.

Aldi, infamous for their copycat products and low prices, is in the firing line from M&S. M&S believe Aldi’s caterpillar cake, ‘Cuthbert’, is too similar to Colin, and is taking the competitor to court. Priced at £5, Cuthbert comes in at £2 cheaper than Colin, but they have the same white chocolate face and similar packaging.

In moments of scrutiny, Aldi knows how to make light of the situation. Using the hashtag #FreeCuthbert on Twitter, they’ve started up a social media storm by mocking M&S with a selection of hilarious tweets: So the real question is, Colin or Cuthbert… whose side are you on?

Source: The Guardian

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