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Previously it was only possible for accounts with over 10,000 followers to add links into story posts, but Instagram has recently opened this up to all users on the platform.

Stacey McLachlan, Author at Hootsuite, conducted an experiment to see if Instagram’s new update was actually harming our engagement rate.

Stacey shared many stories which did and did not include link stickers to later review the engagement rate from the top 20 stories. Here are the results:

Stories with links:

  • Replies: 20%
  • Shares : 20%
  • Reach: 25%
  • Follows: 30%

Stories without links:

  • Replies: 80%
  • Shares: 80%
  • Reach: 75%
  • Follows: 70%

To our surprise there is a huge difference between the two! The results indicate that us Restless Marketers need to be clear on our goals when using stickers. If we want more clicks to our landing pages then go for the URL sticker, however if our goal is engagement then the stickers are not the way to go.

Source: Stacked Marketer

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