Authenticity Over Perfection | Vouch Global

As influencer trends evolve over 2022, how can we optimise content to improve engagement?

In a word: authenticity. We’ve all seen the Instagram feeds filtered and polished to perfection; creators are shifting away from this to ‘in the moment’ content which is more relatable and real.

Take TikTok influencer Emily Mariko for example, her simple food and lifestyle videos rack up millions of views with little to no editing.

So what does this mean for us Restless Marketers?
When partnering with influencers, try creating ads and sponsored content which does not look like ads. When we consume content on social media, perfect looking ads stand out.

Instead, by creating authentic content which provides real value, we can connect with communities and build genuine relationships. It’s all about authenticity over perfection.

Source: Later

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