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Amazon’s new app, Amazon Augmented Reality, allows customers to unlock a fun Augmented Reality (AR) experience via QR codes on their delivery boxes.

Described as a “fun way to reuse your Amazon boxes”, a variety of ‘spooky’ AR experiences can be accessed from your phone this Halloween.

One box, for example, allows users to draw a ‘jack-o-lantern’ face that digitally emerges from the packaging. From another box, a pumpkin comes to life as you move your phone around the room. Check out the video from Amazon here.

Interestingly, Amazon haven’t promoted the release of their AR app, which suggests they are testing the technology before rolling it out fully. Whilst this scannable box is a fun and simple application, it may transform Amazon’s packaging in future.

AR Marketing can certainly create a unique brand experience. Watch this space.

Source: Mobile Marketer

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