Team Day Out White Water Rafting

After a crazy but epic start of the year here at Vouch Global we decided it was time to take a short break from all the madness and give ourselves the afternoon off for a team building session…

We decided White Water Rafting was the activity to do, because why wouldn’t you want to send all your staff members into an Olympic course with grade 4 rapids, that have never attempted an activity like this before, what could possibly go wrong? 

Unfortunately a few refused to take part so we ended up with 2 boats of 6 members per boat. Firstly we got suited and booted in our wetsuits, life jackets and helmets (safety first), and all regrouped to take part in the safety assessment in which included watching each team member jump into the water and hugely struggle to get back out against the rapids, which was comical! 

After we had all somehow passed our safety assessment, oars at the ready it was time to shine and take on the immense rapids… After being slapped by multiple waves we were all starting to get the hang of it. All we needed to do was listen to instructions (which we are all great at) and paddle hard! Sounds simple, until your hit with the biggest rapid in all the course and your boat capsizes!  Our boat was hit so hard by the rapid it flipped us quicker than we could move to the other side to try and stop it, throwing all 6 of us into the icy water. 

Now going back to that part “what could possibly go wrong?” well this was it, after all being launched into the water, oars flying everywhere, one of our ladies unfortunately got an oar to the face. With half the team being dragged down the rapids, and the others being dragged out by the rescue team it was all sorts of chaos. Luckily our Vouch team member was all ok and taken to see the medical team, with an ice pack and plaster she was as good as new…kind of. 

Team building is a huge part of our culture here at Vouch, not only does it reward all the hard work that goes in on a daily basis, the late nights and early mornings, its a chance to get us all together to socialise outside of the working environment encouraging that team spirit as always and most importantly to have fun together!  

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